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Cyber Lantern is the commercial cybersecurity products and services branch of Digital Lantern. It was founded on the premise that every organization deserves the right to secure their business. Our background is founded in service, with over 100 years of government and military experience among our founders. We believe in promoting a culture that breeds innovation, respect, empathy, compassion & customer driven execution. 

“Cyber Lantern provides a guided understanding of your IT environment, security alerts, posture, what to do to improve those without breaking the bank, because we believe everyone deserves to feel their business is secure.” 

Cyber Lantern’s Cyber Fellowship Program

Today’s cyber challenges span  a vast array of Technical and HR issues- the one underlying gap is the lack of qualified talent that truly understands the real-world aspects of data science, cyber analytics and operations.  At Cyber Lantern, we value diverse candidates from all backgrounds. Our goal is to hire a team with ambition, motivation, and technical aptitude to succeed at solving complex problems associated with cyber operations. We provide the opportunity to learn from our best-of-breed team with the real-world techniques, processes, and playbooks required to execute actual cyber mission for customers.

Cyber Lantern’s ground breaking Cyber Fellowship has perfected a multistage training, mentorship and experience based program for any candidate that fits the right aptitude and desire to learn.

  • 7-10 days cyber boot camp and training curriculum with DoD-level cyber subject matter experts.
  • 50 days of working on real customer cyber operation with mentorship and advisor support.
  • After 60 days, we assess the candidate’s level and decide if additional training is required for them to be brought on as a paid employee- either part time or full time, in a role that best suits their capabilities. 

Our program is open to universities, high school STEM programs, and anyone with a passion for cyber security. We are committed to provide our communities with trained cyber professionals to bridge the talent gap for our National Cyber Defense.


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